Smartphones and tablets are great. However, undeniably, Smartphone and tablet speakers are not. You cannot get high-quality sound out of these small devices designed to fit into your pocket. The need for rechargeable portable sound systems becomes necessary when you want to enjoy music with high audio fidelity on the go. Portable Bluetooth speakers are the best way to enjoy music when you cannot carry around your entire sound system.

Bluetooth speakers - Things to consider:

Thanks to integrated Bluetooth, these speakers work with Android, iOS, and any Bluetooth-enabled device, including most laptops. They are also much more flexible than Apple-only airplay speakers that require a network connection. Still, there are a few things to consider when picking your best portable Bluetooth speaker.

NFC and aptX:

NFC is used to pair up a speaker with your phone more easily. All you have to do is wave your phone over the NFC sensor in the speaker. AptX is a higher-quality Bluetooth audio codec. It improves sound quality with aptX-compatible phones, tablets and other devices.


Not all portable speakers are built to be carried around outdoors. Rugged speakers can handle splashes and still keep running. If you try that with the non-rugged speakers it'll inevitably stop working. Look for speakers with IPX ratings and guarantees of water and shock resistance if you want to carry them around to the beach, the lake, or to poolside.

Audio quality:

Plenty of speakers do not offer many features but produce top-notch sound. Clarity of sound is the most important thing to consider while checking audio quality. Generally, the bigger a speaker is, the louder it can get while still sounding good.

Battery life:
Battery life is one of the most important features to look for. Your portable speaker should have a long battery life, at least, 15-18 hours once fully charged.


The size of speaker relates to its loudness. Generally, the bigger the speaker, the louder it is. But the size of the speaker should be just big enough to make it portable as well as loud.

Connectivity with iPhone or iPad:

You can connect your iPhone or iPad to speakers using its built-in Dock Connector port or Lighting port. Bluetooth, as well as all other speakers that can be used with an iPhone or iPad, are fully compatible with apps that stream audio content from the Internet. The external speakers also work with iTunes Radio.

Price range:

Lastly, the price is an important feature to consider when looking for a speaker. Portable speakers come in a wide range of prices ranging from $40 to $500. Most expensive speakers are not necessarily the best ones. You have to check for all the features you're looking for. A good price is that which offers all the features and is yet affordable.

By keeping in mind the features and factors mentioned above, you can easily buy the best portable Bluetooth speakers 2016 has to offer. The market for these speakers has massively expanded in the year 2016 and you have to keep these few certain things in mind to make the best choice.
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